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Virechan Therapy Purgation Therapy Useful to reduce hyper acidity, constipation, Weight loss and skin disease
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Virechana Therapy

Panchakarma comprises of five types of therapies that help to heal various disorders of body effectively, Virechan therapy is one of such therapy of Ayurveda. Virechan deals with purification and purifying blood that also cleans Pitta and easily eliminates the harmful toxins present in the body of patients. This therapy treatment basically focuses on harmful toxic materials that are accumulated in the body since a long time in the liver and gall bladder. Virechan therapy is also suitable to clean the GI tract and shows best results when carried out 3 days after the Vaman therapy. However, this is not a mandate and can be planned as per the individual�s situation and need.

Diseases covered in Virechan therapy

Virechana therapy mostly heals health complications like � piles, skin disorders, chronic fever, ulceration, worms, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, blindness, constipation, acidity, detoxification, pigmentation, psoriasis, gynecological problems, elephantiasis, leprosy, etc and other health problems.

Procedure for Virechan therapy followed at Panchakarma therapies

Our expert physicians are well aware of the factors to consider when carrying out the Virechan Karma. This includes analyzing the physical and psychological conditions of the patients, their mental situation and age. We use drugs that help an individual in vitiating the doshas and bring them to the abdomen. Our physicians recommend light diet one day prior to the therapy. Initially, the individual is given Oleation followed by Fomentation and this is followed by Emisis. Once these procedures are completed, it is followed by Samsarjana Karma. In Virechan therapy, the patient is provided internal Oleation therapy for 3-7 days that is then exposed to a medicated steam bath for continuously 3 days.

Virechana therapy provided at Panchkarma therapies largely differs from others and is highly beneficial for the patients. This therapy is also classified into various categories based on the doshas involved as � Rooksha Virechan therapy and Snigdha Virechan therapy. Each individual therapy has its own way of treatment and our experts follow a unique way to ensure that it is highly beneficial to each individual.

How Virechana therapy provided is different from others

We have a team of expert physicians who are well trained and have experience in providing Virechan therapy to patients as per each individual�s need. We carry this therapy using natural ingredients that are completely safe and have no side effects. We also provide proper consultation to patients to analyze their problems, share benefits of Virechan therapy and provide an effective treatment. We give enough time per person and this therapy is carried out for almost 7 days or as per individual need.