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Snehan Therapy Oleation Therapy Useful to melts & remove waste and toxin from body
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Snehan Therapy

Snehan is a pre-procedure of Panchkarma therapy and is popular in Ayurveda. In this treatment, the entire body is lubricated with the help of medicated ghee or oil. Before the start of the Panchakarma therapy, Snehan is advised to patient to consume medicated glee or oil in large quantity. After this, the therapist instructs the patient to drink only lukewarm water throughout the day, eat only when hungry and refrain from sleeping during the day. Our expert advice that the food to be very simple and with this, Snehan is a precursor that is necessary before the main procedure of panchakarma.

This therapy is also known as Oleation therapy in the field of Ayurveda. It is necessary prior to any detox therapy. When to opt for Snehan therapy? It is highly preferred in conditions like- dried skin, Vata disorders, too much thirst, urticaria, joint ache, physical weakness, infertility, anemia, burns, mental unbalances, insomnia and prior to carrying out the detox therapy.

There are two types of Snehan therapy : Internal oleation or external oleation

Internal Oleation

Internal Oleation is a process that is classified as Achapana Snehapana and Vicharana Snehapana. In Achapana Snehapana medicated or normal ghee is given to the patient and in preparing food. This helps to lubricate and soften the tissues of the body before Sodhana therapy of Panchakarma.

External Oleation

This is a process that is carried out in the form of Siro Abyangam or head massage, oil pulling, Abhyangam, oil massage, etc. Our counsellors suggest Snehan on based on your doshas or diseases and the therapies to follow next.

With so many benefits associated with Snehan therapy, it is gaining high demand among people who wish to detoxify their body and enjoy various Ayurveda treatments to gain a healthy physique. The ultimate purpose to opt for this therapy includes detoxifies the entire body and vital organs, helps to easily eliminate the toxic materials from the individual body, provide wonderful lubrication to various parts of the body and eliminates various Vata disorders effectively.