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Raktamokshan TherapyBloodletting Therapy useful to remove skin disease (psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles, acne, blemishes, varicose veins .etc)
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Raktamokshana Therapy

According to ancient Indian medicine, Raktamokshana is a unique treatment/procedure. It is mainly used for the detoxification of your body and the health is maintained. But at the same time diseases could be cured with the help of it. In this therapy, impure blood is taken out from the patient's body who suffers from the disease. Thus, rakt means blood and mokshan means letting out. So this procedure detoxifies rakta dhatu (blood) through different method according to the prakriti (constitution) of the patient. It is also one of the essential parts of panchkarma healing treatments. Normally, this therapy is not advised for any patient because it involves risk while cleansing and detoxifying processes.

Raktamokshana is of two types i.e. Shastra Visravana and Anushastra Vishravana.

Raktamokshana Therapy is suitable for diseases

Patients who suffer from the imbalance of blood (rakt) and Pitta dosha (fire body tumor) and who suffer from high level of toxicity are recommended the Raktmokshan therapy. This therapy will treat skin diseases like allergic dermatitis, sciatica, eczema. Other than that, this therapy is also done for patients with abscess, swelling, edema and inflammations, uremia, dullness, pericarditis, tonsillitis. This procedure also helps in the proper functioning of liver, heart and other important organs of the body.

Our Procedure

Raktamokshana which is the specialised detoxification process follows the below mentioned procedure:

  1. Pre-procedure or Purva Karma: It is done in regular periods. This procedure is followed for patients suffering from diseases such as gout, psoriasis, filariasis, glaucoma, erysipelas, oedema, spleen and liver disorders. Cotton swabs and gauze pieces are the instruments used in this procedure.
  2. Pradhana Karma: It involves the following aspects:
    • Prachhana- it provides relief from stress, anxiety and tension.
    • Siravyadha- This is based on the disease suffered by the patients. Accordingly, the vein is selected and the liquid gruel which consists of oleation and sudation is injected. The patient either sits in erect position or lies down.
    • Size of puncture- The size should be that of 1 brihi or half barley and done in muscular areas. The size should be that of yava.
    • Jalaukavacharana- In the affected region, tiny sized nicks are applied. As soon as the blood oozes out and the leech is applied. When the leech sucks, the mouth becomes like the horse's hooves. Then the neck is covered with wet cotton. After sucking enough blood the leech leaves the area and moves down. In case, If the leech doesn't move on its own, then turmeric is sprinkled on it.
    • Shringa Yantra- In this method, horns are applied on the body's fleshy part. The air gets sucked out and there is a vacuum. The blood oozes out through this.
  3. Paschat Karma: After pradhana karma, dressing is done with a gentle massage surrounding the wound. Medicated oil is used for this.
Raktamokshana Treatment

Why Raktamokshan Therapy at Panchkarma therapies

The professionals at Panchkarma therapies carry out the Raktamokshan in an effective manner. This therapy is used both as preventive therapy as well as curative therapy. According to the Situation, this therapy is partial or complete treatment in Ayurveda. Since it is Ayurvedic, it is safe for the patients.