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Netra Vasti Therapy
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Netra Vasti Therapy

In Ayurveda, the eyes are considered as the home for pitta dosha i.e. a combination of fire and water elements. Pitta is the cause for all transformation in the body. It only transforms the reflection of the object as an image in the retina through which we can see. When we overuse our eyes, it flares up pitta and results in painful, dry, blood-shot eyes, inflammation in or around the eye and sometimes you might get impaired vision. Ayurveda offers the solution for this problem by following cooling treatments for the eyes thereby it calms the pitta dosha and keep the eyes bright, clear and tension-free.

Netra Vasti is not only preventive but also curative Panchkarma therapy which maintains eye health. If someone undergoes this treatment, it will cool your eyes, provides nourishment, the nerves and muscles in the eyes get stronger, relieves eye strain and reduces dark circles. It also improves vision, prevents glaucoma and conjunctivitis. Since the eyes are connected to the nervous system, bathing them in ghee also helps in the betterment of Nervous related issues.

Netra Vasti Therapy is suitable for diseases

Some of the diseases cured by Netra Vasti therapy are:

  1. Blurred or otherwise impaired vision.
  2. Chronic eye conjunctivitis (not acute infection)
  3. Dry, itchy or watery eyes
  4. Eye strain/tension
  5. Dark circles around the eyes
  6. Tired, irritated eyes
  7. Poor concentration
  8. Night blindness
  9. Inflammation in and around the eyes
  10. Head aches
  11. Blood-shot eyes
  12. Eye twitching
  13. Anxiety, Insomnia, chronic tension

Our Procedure

It is the process in which your eyes are bathed in the well of ghee which is traditionally used for purifying the eyes. It also restores vision, gives deep state of relaxation and slows down the degeneration of the eyes. Actually, around your eyes a reservoir of simple dough and water is made and the ghee is poured into it and will stay there for 10 minutes. It will be followed by a facial massage which will relax you. It is done at the marma point therapy and it will also be followed with a warm massage of your hands as well as feet. This is followed for several eye conditions and also useful for medical, aesthetic and therapeutic benefits.

Netra Basti Treatment In Delhi

Why Netra Vasti Therapy at Panchkarma therapies

If you have any eye problem, Panchkarma therapies is the ideal choice for getting treated for your eyes. Our doctors will examine your eyes and if needed, they will recommend Netra Vasti to you. Our expert therapists will provide you with this treatment and benefits that you will get after completing this therapy is enormous.