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Who does not wish to stay fit and healthy? Almost everyone does. Ayurveda provides different therapies that help people to enjoy the effective treatment and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Pancha karma is an effective way to treat different diseases by getting rid of the toxins out of the body. This helps to reinstate the healthy condition of the body. This method is highly effective to stabilize the digestion and metabolism along with moving the impurities out of the body.

Paschat karma is a part of Pancha karma and is known as the concluding phase or the follow-up treatments. This therapy is helpful to re-establish the digestive enzymes and replenishment of the tissues of the body that are detoxified. In Paschatkarma we suggest a diet plan to patients. Diet can vary according to daises and other medical complexities of different patients and this procedure we call samsarjan. The diet that our counsellors suggest based on your doshas or diseases. This treatment process is suggested after pradhan karma where patient experiences strengthened the immune system, amplified energy level and increased longevity.

Paschat karma is further classified into two arts based on the treatment method as Rasayana and Samsarjan karma. Once the treatment of pradhan karma is completed, the patient loses weight and digestive power becomes weak. In this, a special diet is suggested to the patient as per the lifestyle and medical condition for the first few weeks of the treatment. With the help of Paschatkarma, the digestive power is regained where the patient is moved to a bland diet then to the heavy diet.

In Ayurveda,Paschat karma is a concluding process of pancha karma that helps an individual patient to maintain the effective health status of the body that is lost due to pradhan karma. Our expert therapist knows how to combine Paschatkarma with purva karma and pradhan karma to ensure maximum benefit to the patient.