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Vamana TherapyEmesis Therapy Useful to Clears sinuses relief from congestion, wheezing and breathlessness.
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Vamana Therapy for Psoriasis

Vaman generally means therapeutic vomiting and is a medicated emesis. It is one of the five therapies of panchakarma in Ayurveda and is done to get rid of Kapha Dosha. It dissolves toxins from the gastrointestinal and respiratory tract. As per Ayurveda, different seasons have an influence or dosha and an individual need to take this therapy to prevent disorders related to Kapha. This is a controlled vomiting treatment that runs for a definite amount of time and is well planned when to stop. This therapy easily helps to expel increased Kapha dosha out of the body and is preventative in various diseases.

Diseases covered in Vaman theray

Vamana is suited for people suffering from skin problems, diarrhoea, dysentery, chronic respiratory disorder, asthma, cough, cold, obesity, anemia, sleeplessness, weak sense organs, impotency, weakness, acidity, constipation, indigestion, detoxification, sinusitis, pimples, psoriasis and other kapha related problems.

Vamana therapy followed at Panchakarma therapies

Vamana is induced to get excess of kapha out of the body and our therapy procedure is based on the pre-therapy procedure and post-therapy procedure.

Vamana Treatment

Pre-Therapy procedure: In this, the patient is asked to take specific food such as sweet, yoghurt, rice or a specific type of ghee or oil or a kapha increased diet few days before the Vaman therapy. This is done to increase the kapha in the body so that it easily gets eliminated through this therapy forcefully through the system. On the next day, a drink that induces vomit is given to the patients that include calamus root tea, madanphala and licorice. It easily triggers vomiting and is induced by rubbing the tongue. This helps patients to expel the whole kapha put of the body and feel lighter and better.

Post-therapy: Once the therapy is completed patient need to take rest and consume light food.

We at Panchakarma therapies hold expertise in providing Vamana therapy and have experts who possess experience and have shown effective results in patients so far. We provide highly efficient treatment in the skin and asthma-related problems and clear the sinuses that make patients feel better and stay healthy. This therapy is best to heal and detox the body to get stay healthy and avoid diseases caused due to increased kapha dosha. We also provide emergency treatment to patients and handle the procedure within 2-3 days as per the individual patient requirement.

Our physician carefully observes the vomit, ascertain the number of urges and ensure that this therapy is well handled and performed under an expert. We also provide proper care after this therapy and patient is consoled.