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Shirovasti Therapy
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Shirovasti Therapy Delhi

Shirovasti is a popular"> Ayurvedic treatment and therapy where medicated hair is retained on the hair for a specific time. It is the most intensive and special technique that is used to administer the medicated oil on the head. During this therapy, a leather sleeve of about 6-8 inches is placed on the head. This oil is heated until it becomes lukewarm and slowly poured in the sleeve placed on the head. This soaking up of the lukewarm medicated oil and heating up is done all through the procedure. It is carried out for a specified time for 7 to 14 days.

The duration of the treatment depends on the patient and the instruction of the physician. The medicated oil used in this therapy includes ksheera bala, shudhabala tailam, dhanwandaram tailam, bringamalakadi tailam, etc. When choosing the oil, condition of the patient is diagnosed and particular oil is suggested.

Diseases Covered in Shirovasti

Shirovasti is the best treatment that cures several problems related to face, head and central nervous system. Here the medicated oil acts as brains tuning for the central and autonomous nervous system. Shirovasti treatment is highly beneficial to for problems like � Paralysis, reduces stress and anxiety, improve sleep, removes burning sensation of scalp, nostril dryness, headache and migraine, removes depression, rejuvenates the whole body and other helps to overcome several other diseases and problems.

Our Procedure :Shirovasti Oil Therapy for headache

The procedure of Shirovasti treatment involves a simple technique and application of the oil on the head. In this process, the patient is asked to sit on a wooden stool and medicated oil is applied on head and body. After this, a cap made of flexible leather that is opened on both the sides is placed on the head and slightly warm medicated oil is poured into the cap. This process takes about 45 minutes or till the signs of efficient treatment is noticed. After this, the oil is drained out and wiped with a cotton cloth.

Shirovasti Treatment

How different from others

Shirovasti treatment provided has medicinal effects on the brain, spinal cord, sympathetic nerves and peripheral nerves. This process is to provide benefit to patients to get out of stress and other stress-related ailments completely in a few days. We at Panchkarmatherapies have expert and experienced physicians who diagnose a patient and provide therapies based on the individual medical condition. We pay attention to the quality of the therapy and ensure that each of the patients gets the maximum benefit from Shirovasti therapy.