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Shastika Pinda Sveda Therapy
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Shashtika Pinda Sweda Therapy

Shashtika Pinda Sweda or Shastika Shali Pinda Sveda which is also called as Navarakizhi is one of the Ayurvedic treatments . In this treatment, sweat-inducing massage is given to the patient. It consists of a preparation where milk and rice are cooked along with some medicinal herbs which provide relief from pain and stiffness. This therapy also helps in the muscle strength. It rejuvenates and re-energises the body. Through this treatment the body tissue like muscles, bones and soft tissues get nutrition and strength. Navarakizhi also provides relief from pain, swelling and stiffness that are caused by the joint disorders such as arthritis. Some of the benefits of this therapy are

  1. Degeneration of the joint tissues and wasting of muscles is prevented.
  2. In the joints, soft tissues and muscles, it induces sweating and brings about a feeling of lightness.
  3. Morbidity associated with the Vata and Pitta dosha are corrected.
  4. Enhances flexibility and movements of the joints.
  5. Improves blood circulation in the skin, and improves its colour and complexion

Shastika Shali Pinda Sweda is suitable for diseases

Shastika Shali Pinda Sweda is useful in treating the following health conditions:

  1. Osteoarthritis
  2. Joint pain and stiffness
  3. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  4. Myalgia
  5. Prolapse of intervertebral disc
  6. Spondylolithesis

If you have any of the health condition, you can get in touch with the Ayurvedic medical practitioner and under his supervision and guidance, you can undergo the Navakizhi treatment.

Our Procedure

First, you have to prepare the decoction first by using the roots of Balamula or Sida Cordifolia. After removing the dirt, mud and dust. The roots are cut into small pieces and are made to boil until it becomes 1/4th of the initial quantity. After this the liquid will be strained to remove the solid part and the decoction is divided into two equal parts. One part is added with milk and rice and cooked. Once it is cooked this mixture will be grounded till it becomes soft. Then pieces of cloth are cut according to the dimension and the small portion of cooked rice is placed in that and it is tied with strong threads so that you will get a hand grip at the end of the boluses. The remaining decoction is added to milk and heated on a mild flame. The boluses prepared are dipped in the hot processed milk.

The treatment begins with abhyangam which will be followed by Amalaki Tala-dharana. As these will provide cool effect for your brain and sense organs, so that these parts can bear the heat when Navarakizhi is done. It is performed by 4 attendants in an uninterrupted manner. The strokes are given in circular motion and in clockwise so that it covers all the joints in the body. Normally, strokes are made in downward direction from the neck to the lower back and from the hip to the feet. If the boluses cool down then the other bolus which is heated is replaced and the process continues uninterruptedly for the time specified by the doctor.

Each session will take 70 to 105 minutes and the duration varies from 7 to 21 days based on the patient�s condition.

Why Shastika Shali Pinda Sveda Therapy at Panchkarma therapies

If you want to undergo Shastika Shali Pinda Sveda, then get in touch with Panchkarma therapies who are well-versed in this therapy. Our expert therapists under the care and guidance of the quality medical practitioner will treat you for the duration that is recommended for you. For sure you will get relief from your problems.