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Sneha Vasti Therapy
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Sneha Vasti Therapy

Sneha Vasti is one of the body de-toxification treatments in Ayurveda under Panchkarma. Here, the enema is given to the patient as per the below given procedure. It de-toxifies the lower part of the body. The massage is also given simultaneously. This flushes all the toxins in the body. Vasti means enema which is administered through anal with the necessary medication. The benefits of Sneha Vasti are as follows:

  1. It balances vata dosha
  2. Sneha Vasti causes de-toxification and flushes all the toxins in the lower part of the body.
  3. It reduces lower backache as well as the pain caused by gout and rheumatism.
  4. The medicated oil or enemas will help to expel the toxins out from the body.
  5. Gastric problems like constipation and flatulence can be treated effectively through this process
  6. It is also good for treating neurological ailments like paralysis, etc

Sneha Vasti is suitable for diseases

Sneha Vasti will provide cure from ailments such as constipation, neurological ailments, flatulence, lower backache and dryness. This treatment nourishes and rebuilds the body tissues. It also restores and fortifies body’s immunity. This promotes better nutrition simultaneously when it removes the toxins from the body.

Our Procedure

Prior to this procedure the patient undergoes massage and steam bath especially for the stomach and lower back. Of course, he will also have to have light food. After the massage, the patient will be asked to lie down on the cot which is neither too high nor too low. The patient will be asked to lie down on his left side, by folding his right thigh and extending the other. The enema nozzle as well as the anus is lubricated with oil. The medicated oil gets filled into the instrument which will be pressed without shaking the hand in the direction of the vertebral column. This process should not be too fast or too slow at the same time a medium force should be applied in just one attempt. After this, the patient will be asked to lie down facing upwards extending entire body with a pillow under his heels. Again the massage will be given for the abdomen, hands and feet. The Sneha should not come out soon so oil will be smeared all over the body. Normally, the enema will go out after one or two hours. If the Sneha returns at the proper time, the patient should fast at night and can take breakfast the next day morning.

Why Sneha Vasti Therapy at Panchkarma therapies

Sneha Vasti is administered at Panchkarma therapiesPanchkarma therapies under the supervision of well qualified medical practitioner. The therapists under his guidance perform this therapy for the well-being of the patients. Panchkarma therapies provide solution to all kinds of ailments that are mentioned above through Sneha Vasti therapy. For sure, you will get benefitted by this treatment.