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Rejuvenative Therapy
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Rejuvenation Therapy

According to Ayurvedic, rejuvenation is termed as Rasayana and the definition for that is �that which destroys the old age and disease is called Rasayana�. Rasayan, a special drug is used in this treatment for example �Chyavanprash�. Ayurveda feels that the person who undergoes this therapy will be able to serve others and lead a healthy life. It also enhances your spiritual aspect of your life and helps the sick, the hungry, the poor, and the disabled. This therapy keeps the enzymes in the tissue cells in normal working condition. After this therapy, these cells get revitalised. The mind becomes calm and peaceful. The nerves and bones become soft and smoothened. This prevents the person from ageing and makes them to lead a healthy life even at advanced stage of their life.

The benefits of Rasayana or Rejuvenative therapy are as follows:

  1. Preserves health and longevity
  2. Keeps body young and agile
  3. Improves skin complexion
  4. Increase physical and mental capabilities
  5. Increase the sensing capacity of sense organs

Rejuvenative Therapy is suitable for diseases

Rejuvenative Therapy is useful for improving the blood circulation, improves functioning of the body, reduces wrinkles, improve general health and immunise the system to increase immunity and longevity. It is also ideal for people having problems like stress, insomnia, obesity, shallow breath, weak senses, weak memory, rough and dry skin, weak appetite, and chronic digestive problems.

Our Procedure

This therapy is done in two different ways and they are Kutipravesika and Vatatapika.

  • Kutipravesika:

    While undergoing this therapy, the individual should remain indoors. For that purpose, a Oleation therapy is prepared for him/her. The person should follow the diet, medications and other instructions given by the physician. He should first undergo panchkarma therapy before this treatment. Anyone aged between 25-70 years can undergo this therapy. However, this type will not suit for those doing job or profession.

  • Vatatapika:

    This is ideal for those who cannot stay in the ayurvedic clinic to take the first treatment mentioned above. This can be undergone along with your normal routine. It consists of different type of ayurvedic herbal preparations as per the advice of the physician. These medicines should be taken in the dawn in the empty stomach. This treatment does not require panchkarma therapy to be undergone. This procedure will last for 21 to 60 days.

Why Rejuvenation Therapy at Panchkarma therapies

All those who want to undergo rejuvenation therapy should get in touch with Panchkarma therapies. We have experts who can carry out this therapy effectively and efficiently. They are being guided by the quality practitioners who are well qualified and have hands-on experience.