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Kati Basti Therapy
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Kati Basti Therapy

In Kati Basti (Vasti) treatment, a compartment or cabin is constructed on the lower back which is made of wet flour of black gram (urad dhal). For a fixed duration of time, medicated oil is poured and pooled in this compartment. This compartment covers the Lumbo-Sacral and Sacro-iliac joints. This term has two words where kati means lower back and Basti (Vasti) means to hold which refers to a compartment, vessel and container. It is the Ayurveda�s pain relieving and oil-pooling treatment meant for lower back pain. In Ayurveda, Basti or Vasti means urinary bladder. Urinary bladder holds urine for certain time until it is voided. Similarly, in kati basti, medicated oils are held in a compartment constructed over the lower back which is made of wet urad flour and it will hold for specific time.

Some of the benefits of Kati Basti are as follows:

  • Relieves pain in the lower back and lower limbs
  • Relieves swelling and inflammation in the lower back, in the bones and soft tissues of the lower back
  • Relieves stiffness in the lower back and lower limb
  • Brings lightness and a sense of health in the lower portion of the body
  • Improves movements at the back and lower limbs and enable us to move and work freely
  • Strengthens the lower back (bones, muscles and soft tissues therein)
  • Enhances blood supply to the lower back area
  • Soothes the nerves supplying the low back and legs (lower limbs)

Kati Basti Treatment is suitable for diseases

Kati Basti is good for curing diseases like lower back pain, lumbar spondylosis, sciatica, sacro-iliac joint pain or dysfunction, cocydynia, inter-vertebral disc prolapse or lumbar disk disorders or spinal disc herniation, spondylotisthesis, Spina bifida, etc.

Our Procedure

Our doctors will ask for X-ray or MRI scan of your back or lumbar sacral region. This will be useful for them to identify the problematic area and can use the Kati Basti ring. Preoperative procedure is as follows:

  • Before coming to the Kati Basti table, you should evacuate stools or urinate.
  • A massage will be done before this process which will be very gentle and without any pressure on the back.
  • A steam bath is offered after massage for 10 to 15 minutes.

Now you have to get ready for Kati Basti and the following steps are followed:

  • Your therapist will ask you to lie down on the table in prone position.
  • With the help of cotton or cotton cloth is used to clean the affected area.
  • After that a steel or plastic ring will be placed on the affected area.
  • Kneaded black gram flour will be placed both inside and outside the ring so that the oil does not leak out.
  • Lukewarm oil will be poured by using cotton or cotton cloth in the ring.
  • The oil poured should be warm. So the therapists will continuously replace the oil by pouring warm oil in the ring. The oil temperature should remain constant throughout the Kati Basti treatment.

Depending on the severity of the disease, duration of the treatment will vary. Normally, it will be from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. After the treatment, the treated area will be cleaned with warm water or by cloth dipped in warm water. You have to rest for at least half an hour after the treatment in a comfortable position.

Kati Basti Treatment In Delhi

Why Kati Basti Therapy at Panchkarma therapies

Kati Basti (Vasti) therapy is done at Panchkarma therapies. Our expert therapists will provide you with the excellent treatment of your lower back where you have the problem. Our quality practitioner will also be there to guide them. You will get immediate relief from the lower back pain after the completion of this treatment which might be for 7 to 21 days based on the severity of the disease.