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Udvartana Therapy
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What is Udvartana therapy?

Udvartana therapy is a massage therapy originated from the ancient Hindu tradition. It is used to restore the balance of the body and maintain mental and physical health. Udvartana therapy is a dry massage that is based on the use of the powers composed of herbs, minerals and medicinal species. This massage stimulates the metabolic process of the body. The power applied on the body has a mild dermis-abrasive effect that treats stains, eruptions and even removes the impurities of the body. So, Udvartana is ideal to activate the metabolism of the body and heals from cellulite, circulatory disorders, obesity and fluid retention.

Udvartana treatment is an Ayurvedic treatment where the message is done in seven positions in the opposite direction to the hair follicles. Here the herbs are dried, cleaned and powdered and heated mildly then used for the message in upward stroking. This opens channels, improves blood circulation and effectively stimulates the breakdown of stored subcutaneous fact. This therapy also provides glow to the body and bring a sense of lightness to the entire body. The treatment is provided for 45 to 60 minutes for 7 to 14 days depending on the present condition of the patient.

Diseases Covered

Udvartana therapy is suitable to treat cellulite, circulatory disorder, obesity, fluid retention, etc. It is best suited for body detoxification, cellulite breakdown, reduces body stiffness, treats paralysis, detoxifies the lymphatic system, recalibrates endocrine system, boosts blood circulation, and provides healthy and glowing skin. It is also best therapy to exfoliate dead cells, reduces accumulated subcutaneous fats, removes Kapha toxins from the body and prevents untimely drowsing.

Our Procedure

Udvartana therapy is performed below the head and neck of the body. We carry it in seven positions that include massage of the body with oil from neck to toe. After this, dry powder is applied that dry the skin and rubbed on the body in an upward direction. Once the process is completed, it is followed by a steam bath or a hot shower as preferred by the client. The entire therapy is carried by a trained ayurvedic massager that shows amazing results.

How different from others

We provide Udvartana treatment under the guidance of experienced therapist and supervision of a physician who guides on the actual health of the patient. We ensure that treatment is provided with the best quality herbs and in a traditional way. All these factors make us different from other Ayurvedic therapy centres.