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Potali Facial Therapy
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Potli Facial Therapy

Potli Facial or Potli massage therapy is one of the most popular therapies followed in India. It is also used in Thailand (Southeast Asia) as a natural remedy for centuries now. It is done through heated herbal pouches called as potlis. This massage rejuvenates, relaxes and nourishes the affected area. We all look for a massage that heals our pain and also makes us feel refreshed. This is where potli therapy is used which has a therapeutic effect. They stimulate blood circulation which results in faster recovery and a healthy skin. The benefits of this massage are relieves pain and inflammation, improves body flexibility.

Potli Facial is suitable for diseases

This massage is used for treating illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis, frozen shoulders and osteoarthritis, etc. The potliís will be packed with herbs that are specific for the patientís disease. It is ideal to consult an Ayurvedic medical practitioner who will recommend the right herbal to be used. This treatment relieves pain and inflammation, flexibility and improves blood circulation.

Our Procedure

Ayurveda is the ancient medicinal traditions in India. Potli massage finds its root in the science. Potlis consists of herbs that are carefully chosen according to the medical condition of the patient. These herbs are packed into a muslin cloth and dipped in the warm medicated oil or sand or some herbal powder in case of dry massage. It functions based on the age old philosophy which is the combination of fire and water along with herbs. When the heated potlis are massaged on the body, it opens-up the pores, relaxes the muscles and allows carefully selected herbs to work on the body and mind. It provides relaxation to the mind. The potli massage or the herbs used in potli massage will vary from person to person as they use the herbs based on the type of illness of the patient. Some of the herbs used are Ashwagandha, mustard and neem, turmeric and ginger, Rosemary and rice, aloe vera, etc. These herbs can be used singly or in combination with other wet or dry herbs which is deemed fit by your doctors.

Why Potli Facial Therapy at Panchkarma therapies

Panchkarma therapies will be your ideal choice for undergoing Potli therapy. Our well qualified medical practitioners will examine you and recommend the herbs that are needed to be used in treating your disease. Based on their guidance, you will be treated with Potli therapy by the expert therapists here at Panchkarma. You will for sure get the much needed relaxation and rejuvenation.