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Basti therapy Enema therapy useful in joint pain relief, Arthritis, Constipation, weight loss, immunity
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Basti Therapy

Basti Therapy is among the most effective and mother of all treatments. It is useful to clean accumulated toxins from Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It is a rejuvenating treatment and is the best way to easily get out of the toxins present in the body. In Basti Therapy, patients are given medicated oil, ghee or a herbal decoction as an enema that helps to clean the colon and increases the muscle tone. This process is carried out for 8 to 30 days based on the medical condition of each individual. Overall, enema is given to patients for the evacuation of the colon.

This therapy is best used to balance the Vata dosha and diseases that are caused due to this dosha. This therapy is considered as the best way to keep the colon healthy and free from toxins that are harmful to the body. Basti Therapy is given as per the disease in an individual and as per the physician advice.

Basti Therapy is suitable for diseases

Basti Therapy is highly recommended by the physicians in physical complications like � Acute or chronic constipation, Parasitic infection, Colitis, infertility, urinary calculus, menstrual pain and other menstrual diseases, urinary bladder disorders, neuromuscular painful conditions and general benefit that pacify the Vata Dosha.

Our Procedure

The main intention of Basti Therapy is to clean the hidden toxins from various parts of the body. This therapy helps to flush the colon using medicated oils lubricate intestines that easily allows fecal material to eliminate and ensure excellent blood circulation in the visceral organs. The overall procedure of Basti Therapy is based on the different type of Vidhi and is effectively managed by the experts at Panchkarma therapies. In this therapy, each patient is provided 75 minutes and the process is of 7 days in general and differs as per individual patient. In this, the Vasti solution is placed in the enema bag with a nozzle placed in position, lukewarm oil is applied to the anal region and nozzle is gradually introduced in a parallel direction to the vertebral column.

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There are four types of Basti Therapy to administer the different route like � rectal, uterine, urethral and wound.

Why Basti Therapy at Panchkarma therapies is different from others

Experts at Panchkarma Therapies handle Basti Therapy under the supervision of a qualified practitioner. Generally, this therapy involves both oil and decoction in a planned way. This is an Ayurvedic therapy that is completely safe for each individual. Experts here make a careful selection of therapy as per the textual instructions and individual patient needs.