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Uro Vasti
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What is Uro Basti?

Uro Basti is an Ayurvedic treatment done to combat with various circulatory and respiratory diseases. Ura means chest area, this clears that the therapy is dedicated to treating the chest area. The treatment is done with the help of herbal oil and it is also popular as herbal oil treatment. It focuses on the chest area of patients where oil is applied and decoctions into the colon through the rectum. This therapy is suggested for the patients to reduce or treat the pain affecting the sternum in the chest area. In the entire process medicated oil bunds in the chest area for a specific period for different patients.

The paste of wheat powder or black gram powder is used to bund the medicated oil on the chest that helps to seal the oil completely. With this, Uro Basti is an important therapy of Panchakarma and is very useful for various chest problems.

Diseases benefitted with Uro Basti treatment

Uro Basti therapy provides relief to various chest problems. It improves the blood circulation system; strengthen the neuromuscular system and connective tissues in the area of the heart of a body. With this, the therapy is highly preferred to treat various heart disease, asthma, muscular chest pain, respiratory problems, etc. Uro Vasti also benefit to strengthen and revitalize the heart, regulates heart function and rhythms and ischemic heart diseases.

Our Procedure

The entire procedure for Uro Vasti treatment includes the use of the medicated oil on the chest area. The oil is retained by the use of wheat or black gram powder. The medicated oil is heated until it becomes lukewarm and then poured in a constant and continuous stream on the space inside the walled boundary by the powder on the chest. This oil is retained for a specific time as per the individual patient problem. This oil is soaked, heated up to make it lukewarm and then pour again with additional oil. This is repeated during the entire procedure.

Uro Basti

What makes us different from others?

We at Panchkarma therapies handle the complete Uro Vasti treatment under the guidance of a specialist and experienced physician. We make it a simple and effective treatment that is personalized as per the individual patient to treat a particular heart problem. We hold specialty and traditionally provide the treatment and proved as the best centre for Uro Vasti therapy. The entire process is handled by the trained therapist. We ensure that Uro Vasti is prepared under the supervision of Ayursopanam physician who ensures that quality and tradition is maintained in the entire treatment.